Keypads and Security

The safety and security of property is a critical need for any self storage business. Keep your customers and their belongings safe by implementing a well-designed security system with integrated solutions from the ground up. All of our keypads have back-lit keys and a sleek design. From there, we can help with integrated cameras, intercom call stations and customized messages to better communicate with your tenants.

Smart Keypad Technology

Smart Keypad Technology allows for a higher level of property management integration. Sentinel Systems offers a range of solutions to meet all levels of need.

  • 3200i Integrated Keypad
    Your solution for extensive property management integration.
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  • DaVinci Keypad
    Never worry about PC failures again!
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  • 3200ir Keypad
    Infrared technology allows for smart phone access.
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314 Series Keypads

The 314 series of keypads provide access control for both central office direct as well as stand-alone operation for remote sites without continuous central office monitoring.

  • 3200 Keypad
    Pinhole camera, intercom call station and one-piece hinged faceplate.
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  • 1600 Keypad
    Back-lit keys with a durable and modern design.
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  • 314 Keypad
    Our base level keypad: reliable and straightforward.
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