Sentinel Mobile Applications

The long-awaited release of Sentinel Anywhere is finally here. Cloud-based management system with no limits.
Sentinel Anywhere is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Sentinel Anywhere access system, allowing you to run your business from one all encompassing product suite.
The Sentinel Anywhere suite also gives you the flexibility to manage your business from any mobile platform or Internet accessible device.
Multiple configuration options allow you to choose how and where you access and store your data.

The Future is Here.

How nice would it be to manage your storage property with your smart phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world? Look no further than Sentinel Anywhere. It’s up to you what mobile device suits your needs. Sentinel Anywhere was designed to work with all of them.
Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile can all work together simultaneously. Sentinel Anywhere was designed from the ground up with mobility, functionality and flexibility in mind.
The days of using multiple programs that interface with one another to manage your property are long gone. Sentinel Anywhere does all of this and much more in one application suite.
Access control and management functions, rent units, lease units, billing, monitoring alarms, reports, security settings and so much more.

 All from ONE Application.