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Platinum Property Sentinel is the complete solution for access control of your self storage operation. 
Platinum is configurable to your specific parameters, making it the most flexible access control software in the land.  Oversee and control multiple sites from any work station, tablet, or mobile phone. 
Platinum is backwards compatible with any Sentinel device for unparalleled protection of the site and your customers’ belongings.  Expand your capabilities with Platinum’s Access Anywhere application for complete fingertip control.  
  • Multiple communication ports are supported for additional access control systems
  • Able to monitor and identify multiple doors on each unit
  • Any network workstation can update information in the property’s database
  • Alarm and monitor building and hallway entrances
  • Issue non-tenant access codes for employees and vendors
  • UNPARALLELED integration with Sentinel’s property management software
  • The NEW Platinum access control runs as a Windows service, meaning no computer log-in is required
  • Monitor the security activity at several locations on a single workstation
  • Offering both current & delinquent tenant alerts!
  • Interact with your properties using either a VPN connection or web browser