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Sentinel Systems - Self Storage management software & hardware


3200 Keypad (Discontinued)


Our 3200ir keypad builds upon the features of our 3200 keypad with the addition of an IR camera, allowing the use of a smart phone to access the facility, pay your bill, view your account history and much more.

Sentinel System’s 3200ir keypad provides access control for both central office direct as well as stand-alone operation for remote sites without continuous central office monitoring. The 3200ir keypad integrates with Sentinel System’s other products to create a complete management system for your storage facility.


  • Infared scanner to read QR codes off of mobile phones.

  • Intercom call station.

  • Color pinhole camera.

  • New sleek, slim design.

  • One piece hinged and locking faceplate for easy access.

  • Red, backlit, metal keys.

  • LCD display.

  • A great match for your 1600 keypads.

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