PLEASE NOTE: If you download and install a newer version of Winsen than you are currently running: there is a charge to all customers for a software update unless you are on a support agreement or under warranty at the time of its release.

If you are an existing Winsen customer please contact your Sentinel sales representative BEFORE installing a newer version of Winsen than you are currently running. Once installed, a database restore might be required to go back to your previous version of Winsen. In any case, we recommend you have reliable backups of your Winsen database at all times, and especially before installing a new version.

FTDI Unified Drivers (1477KB) – Digitally signed FTDI drivers for model 124 relay box, model 224 relay box, RS485 interface, and model 440 USB CIM.

Management Software — Born from Necessity

Industry consolidation is causing prices to go up, quality to go down & innovation to stop... We are working hard to solve this!
As small operators in the self-storage industry, you're not just battling everyday business challenges; you're up against an industry undergoing seismic shifts. Consolidation is leaving operators like you with fewer choices, escalating costs, and stagnant technology. The Sentinel Systems software was created as your lifeline.
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