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This is due to a Microsoft security update.

Microsoft has released a Windows Update (KB3102429), effectively disabling the ability to email attachments from Winsen Property Manager. This update is for all Windows 7 installations and the fix will need to be applied to all machines running the Winsen Property Manager on Windows 7. The resolution is relatively simple and can take roughly 20-30 minutes to fix. If you are inclined to attempt this fix yourself, update KB3102429 needs to be removed and taken out of future Windows Updates.

We are currently creating a user-friendly “How to Guide” of the resolution’s steps.

If you require the documentation, please submit a request to our email:

We will promptly email you a copy of the guide.

Thank you for your cooperation. We apologize for any delay in our response time and are working diligently to resolve your issues.

This can occur when you are using a model 440 USB CIM, because the virtual COM port functionality gets disabled during the upgrade to Windows 10. To re-enable the virtual COM port functionality:

1. Open the device manager. The easiest way to do this is to type “Device Manager” into Windows 10’s search bar. You should see a “Device Manager – Control Panel” shortcut in the search results.

2. Click on the Device Manager shortcut in the search results to run the device manager, then find the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” category and expand the list.

3. In the list of USB devices will be the “Sentinel Systems USB CIM”. Right click on it and select “Properties” to display the properties dialog. Then go to the “Advanced” tab, and in the Configuration area is a checkbox to “Load VCP”. Check this checkbox.
4. Click OK to save the changes and close the properties dialog.

5. Then either unplug the USB cable from the PC to the USB CIM and plug it back in (be sure to plug it back into the same USB port), or reboot the PC. The virtual COM port should then be re-enabled and you should be able to restart communications with the communications chain.

6. If communications are still not working, it is possible that the virtual COM port number has changed. To check which COM port was assigned, go back to the Device Manager, then find the “Ports (COM and LPT)” category and expand the list.

7. In the list of ports is the “Sentinel Systems USB CIM (COMX)” where X is the COM port number that was assigned by Windows. Make a note of the number, for example COM5.

8. In Winsen Sentinel, go to the Workstation Settings screen under the Options menu.

9. In the COM port section, change the selected port to the one shown in step 7. Then click OK to save your changes.

10. Select “Restart Communications” in the Options menu.

Upgrading your operating system can cause the Winsen Licensing algorithms to indicate that you have installed the software on a new machine, necessitating a new license key be issued. The programs will run in a fully functional trial mode for 30 days after this happens. So, you have 30 days to obtain a new license key from Sentinel Systems. Please contact Sentinel Systems for a new license key within that time.

It’s recommended that you use CD-R rather then CD-RW blank CD’s.

1. Close all other applications and run the Roxio Easy CD Creator program from the program list on the Windows start menu.

2. From the menu options in Roxio Easy CD Creator Project Selector choose “Make a Data CD/Direct CD.

3. Place the blank CD-R in the CD Rom Drive and click on Format CD.

4. After the CD has been formatted, a screen will be displayed to inform you the operation is complete.

You can now go to the “Backup All Data” screen in WinSen and change the back up path to the drive letter of the CD burner.

Make sure there is not a check mark in the box at the bottom of the screen that reads “Always erase on removable media backups and click on backup”
Then click on the backup button.

For initial setup of Winsen Online, please contact the sales department. If you are having problems with Winsen Online, please contact the support department.

From the “Maintenance” menu, select “Site Information”, “Site Setup” and the “System Dates” tab. Click in the appropriate field to enter the dates.

Before you start using the program to manage your facility you must first delete the demo database. Installing the site customization disk, which is provided with the full version, does this automatically.

It is recommended that you rebuild and compact the database once a week or anytime a serious database error has occurred. Note: It strongly recommended that you backup all data before performing this procedure.

The Late Letters and Mailings function in the Main menu provides the ability to generate a variety of correspondence to your tenants. In addition, the “Letters” button on the “View/Edit Tenant” screens allows you to print specific letters for individual tenants.

Yes, placing the shortcuts for “Winsen Property Manager” and “Winsen Sentinel” in the “Startup” folder will automatically start the software when the computer starts up

You must have Winsen 3.35 or higher to use the PPI Paymover integration.

1. First you must have your PPI Paymover account token. After your account has been setup with PPI, you will receive an email from PPI with a URL to go to to generate your account token. Look for the Token Generator section in the email for the URL.

2. Generate your account token on the PPI Token Generator web page. You will need your PPI User ID and password to do this. Copy the account token to the Windows clipboard.

3. In Winsen 3.35 or higher, go to Site Setup, then click on the General Tab.

4. If the “Enable Credit Card POS Processing” button isn’t checked, check it.

5. Click the “Configure CC/ACH POS Processing” button.

6. In the dropdown list for “POS Software”, ensure that PPI Paymover is selected.

7. Paste your account token from step 2 into the Account Token textbox.

8. Ensure that the “No Match” option is checked under the Address Verification Options.

9. Click OK to save your changes.

10. Process a test credit card transaction for a small amount to ensure that the PPI Paymover integration is functioning correctly.

11. Cancel the test transaction, which will void the payment on the PPI Paymover system.

We will customize the generic letters included in the program for you at no charge for the first 60 days from the date of purchase. Custom letters and reports can be created using “Crystal Reports”. If you choose, Sentinel can do this for you at the prevailing hourly rate.

Verify that there is a check mark in the box that says “Always erase on removable media backups” at the bottom of the Backup Data window before clicking on “Backup”. This insures that previous files on the diskette are deleted before the backup files are saved.

Daily Operations

To cancel the most recent transaction, bring up that unit in “View/Edit Tenant – Table” or “View/Edit Tenant – Form” and click on the “Cancel” button at the top of the window. Note: Only certain types of transactions are cancelable. To change a unit’s status use Winsen Editor.

Customers wanting to rent a specific unit or size can be entered and tracked using the waiting list function, which will prompt the system operator when a unit becomes available.

Receipts may be reprinted by clicking on the “View” button in “View/Edit Tenant – Table” or “View/Edit Tenant – Form”, select the desired transaction and click Print.

Once the customer’s record is selected, click on the “Payment” button, then double click in the box next to “Misc. Credits”. Fill out the appropriate information and click “OK”, then click “OK” in the “Daily Transaction” window and in the “Paid By” window. Note: If the “Rent” field is not active, enter “1” in the additional months to pay window.

You may enter partial payments in Winsen, however, the portion of the payment that is not equal to a months rent is handled as a credit until such time as the tenant pays the remainder of a full month’s rent.

The “Daily Site Summary” report prints automatically with the daily close. You also have the option of printing a “Rental Activity”, “Bank Deposit Log”, “Trial Balance” and “Activity Log” report.

A unit in lien status may only be vacated by completing the lien. Click on the “Lien” button in the “View/Edit Tenant – Table” or “View/Edit Tenant – Form” to begin this process and then follow the prompts.

Create a size code with a rental rate of “0” and area = “0”, then add a unit using that size code. Assign that unit to “Cash Sales”, and then, under the “Other” tab, set late cycles to “None”. Note: This unit must be in “Rented” status.

To correctly implement a rate change, one record must be created for each size code affected, and all fields in each record must have an entry. Note: “Standard Rate”, referenced in “Units to be Affected”, is the rent rate per unit as shown in the Size Code Chart.

New units can be added in the Maintenance menu in Property Manager by clicking on Add/Remove units. Note: If the sizes are different than previously installed units, you will also need to add the new size codes under the Maintenance Menu.

Yes, multiple units may be associated with one tenant, giving the advantage of single passcode and multiple-unit billing. This can be set up in the “View/Edit Tenant – Table” or “View/Edit Tenant – Form” by clicking on the “Status” button.


1. Unit Number/Passcode keypad display should read “Enter Unit No.00000”, Passcode only keypad display should read “Enter Code: 000000000”

Press 1 4 7 * to get to programming mode. (or just * for older firmware)

2. Keypad display should now read “Enter Sec Code”. Enter your security code and #. (if known, or just # if there is no security code set. If the security code is not known, press # 1, then subtract the number displayed from 9999. The result is the security code that needs to be entered.

3. Keypad display should now read “Select Function”
Set Options
Set Defaults
Press 1 to enter into Set Options.

4. Keypad display should now read “Keypad Addr: 000/000”. Enter the address of the keypad and #. (In most cases, the main entry keypad is 0 and the exit will be 1, further keypads would addressed accordingly…0,1, 2, 3…etc.)

5. Keypad display should now read “Relay #1 on-time 000/000”. Press 2 # to set relay number one at two seconds.

6. Keypad display should now read “Relay #2 on-time 000/000”. Press 2 # to set relay number two at two seconds.

7. Keypad display should now read “Passcode 0000/0000”. Press the four digit security code that you would like to set on the keypad. If you do not want a security code on the keypad, just press # to leave the settings at 0000.

8. Keypad display should now read “Language 00/00”. Press # to leave the settings at 00, which is English. (this option will not be available on older firmware)

9. Keypad display should read “Enter Unit No. 00000” or “Enter Code: 000000000”

10. Restart the communications on the Sentinel software at the computer.

11. Enter a valid code at the keypad to test for Access Granted, and to make sure that the gate is being activated.

Please call Sentinel Systems at 1-800-456-9955 if you still get “Access Denied” or if you are getting “Access Granted” but the gate is not opening.

Winsen allows you the flexibility to create “Access Control Only” units to provide access for your employees and emergency personnel without affecting the occupancy statistics.

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