Individual Door Alarms

Individual door alarms provides the ability to monitor the open & close status of each door at your storage business.

With the ability to:

  • Automatically notify the store manager or tenant in the event of an unauthorized entry.
  • Disarm multiple doors belonging to a single tenant, using one passcode.
  • Automatically rearm all tenant doors at the end of the day.
  • With the ability to trigger sirens, strobe lights, alarm panels and auto dialers, individual door alarms give immediate notification when a breach occurs.

Individual Door Alarms are without a doubt the best and most economical method of monitoring a tenant’s storage unit door.

  • Automatic arm/rearm with Sentinel Access and Platinum Property Sentinel Access.
  • Over 2,000 point monitoring.
  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code.
  • Multiple output relays for triggering various devices when alarms occur.

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