Software Product User Guides

WinSen Property Manager – Version 3.30 – Revised 11/28/2006

Site Customization Guide (WinSen) – Version 3.4 – Revised 1/25/2011

Quickbooks Interface – Version 1.0 – Revised 4/12/1999

Site Graphics – Version 3.20 – Revised 4/5/2006

Home Office Module – Version 3.15 – Revised 4/28/2006

WinSen Online Payment Service – Version 3.30

WinSen Online Quick Start Guide

Remote Site Control Module

Map Point Interface

Winsen Word Document Templates – Details the fields available for placement in the Winsen Word Document templates.

Editing Word Document Templates – Explains the process of editing the Winsen Word Document templates.

Hardware Product User Guides

WinSen Property Sentinel – Version 3.41 – Revised 5/5/2012

SSC Interface Specification- Version 1.10 – Revised 2/9/10 – Details an interface specification which allows self storage management software systems to interface with Winsen Platinum Property Sentinel, and Winsen Property Sentinel.

Lightning and Bonding Guide – A checklist that serves to help simplify, inform and ensure that your storage facility has been installed with the basic bonding and grounding features necessary to protect it from lightning, electrical noise and other possible electrical phenomenon.

3200i Keypad Upgrade – Explains how to upgrade an existing access control/alarm system with one or more 3200i keypads.

USB CIM Installation – Instructions for installing the USB CIM Model 440.

Model 224 Relay I/O User Manual – Instructions for installing the Model 224 Relay I/O Relay Box.

Model 314/1600/3200 Keypad User Manual – Instructions for installing the new models of the 314/1600/3200 Keypad.

Note: All user guides are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).