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Security Add Ons

Individual Door Alarms

Individual door alarms provides the ability to monitor the open & close status of each door at your storage business.

With the ability to:

  • Automatically notify the store manager or tenant in the event of an unauthorized entry.

  • Disarm multiple doors belonging to a single tenant, using one passcode.

  • Automatically rearm all tenant doors at the end of the day.

  • With the ability to trigger sirens, strobe lights, alarm panels and auto dialers, individual door alarms give immediate notification when a breach occurs.

Individual Door Alarms are without a doubt the best and most economical method of monitoring a tenant’s storage unit door.

  • Automatic arm/rearm with Sentinel Access and Platinum Property Sentinel Access

  • Over 2,000 point monitoring

  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code

  • Multiple output relays for triggering various devices when alarms occur

Remote Stand-Alone Access Control

Platinum Sentinel provides you with the tools to secure your unmanned satellite storage locations using a simple internet connection.

  • Offering real-time reporting of your tenant’s entrance & exit activity.

  • Built-in safeguards in the event your internet connection drops out.

  • A menu driven software gives you the ability to open any location’s gate from your computer or mobile device.

Platinum Sentinel  gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of satellite locations from your phone or computer.

Elevator Control and Lighting Control

Sentinel Systems Elevator Control is designed specifically to prevent unnecessary travel in and around your property. This permits your customers limited access to only the floors they have business on – while offering all customers the highest level of security.

Our lighting control feature allows lights, or any relay controlled electrical device, to be turned on and off according to tenant activity and/or time of day.

Proximity Readers

Proximity cards can be combined with standard keypads to extend a secondary level of access control for those customers that require an enhanced level of security for their most prized valuables.

Quick Click System

No longer will customers with RVs or large commercial vehicles be forced to exit their vehicle to key in a passcode or swipe an access card.  They simply pull up to the gate and use the transmitter on their keychain.  Their unique transmitter code is sent back to the WinSen Property Sentinel software where their access attempt is validated and recorded in the site activity logs.

Gate Operators

Sentinel can supply your site with Gate Operators.

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